Enviromental Engineering


Plus Ever Green


Plus Evergreen provides environmental scientific and innovative solutions and technologies to the public and private clients and individuals across energy, built environment, infrastructure, waste management, pollution control, occupational hygiene, buildings, water sector, mining and industry.


Engineering solutions

Environmental planning and approvals

Green technologies

Circular economy

Environmental specialist services

Waste Management

Land and water

Water Conservation

Research & Development (R&D)




Who we are 

We deliver advice and support on a wide range of innovative solutions and technologies to a diverse and growing base of business, regulatory and government and private clients. We specialize in engineering, green technologies, circular economy, environmental issues, greenhouse gas emission reduction, waste management, built environment, industry, water conservation and research & development.

What we do

We provide multidisciplinary work to different projects under the guidance of senior plus ever green professionals. We also provide expert advice on a single technical or professional issues.

Green technologies

Is dedicated to energy efficiency, cost savings and reduction in GHG emissions.

Waste Management 

Plus Evergreen is a leading regional provider of environment consultancy services to the waste and recycling sector, providing advice to a range of clients, including waste producers, waste collectors, the waste management industry, its regulatory and investors.

The waste management philosophy developed by plus evergreen followed established of waste prevention, minimization, reuse, recycling, energy recovery, waste-to-energy, and final disposal.

Plus evergreen has experience of providing practical advice on all waste types, including municipal, household, commercial, hazardous, tyre waste and e-waste.


Energy efficiency: Cost-savings, energy audits in public and government office buildings through use of energy efficient appliances, occupancy sensors, etc.

Circular economy: Introducing circular economy model, innovations and technologies, and enterprise development


Training: Plus evergreen team provides our clients with training in IT, Risk Assessment, interventions, waste management.

Occupational Hygiene: Plus Ever Green understands potential occupational health and safety our clients face in both their daily operations and long term health safety and hygiene programs.

Plus Ever Green provides the highest level of service to our clients, which are both scientifically vigorous but also practical to today’s business and community needs.

Air quality

Dust and odor

Our team has experience with assessment of the impacts associated across business-sectors, mining, building, renewable energy, smart agriculture, coal and waste management and treatment. We help with the following:

Air quality monitoring

Air quality management


Plus Ever Green is involved in helping organization assess their energy usage and feasibility of replacing existing energy arrangements with renewable alternatives, including PVC Solar, wind turbine, integrated solutions combining with waste-to-energy options. We provide solutions in:

Selecting renewable energy options

Project management

Financial analysis of renewable energy options

Identification of sources of energy grants and managing the successful applications, including liaison with government bodies.

Waste tyres

The Plus Ever Green team of experts deliver mitigation measures through understanding of circular economy models and tyre-derived fuel, innovations and technologies and enterprise development.


Plus Ever Green a complete consulting service associated with all electronic and electrical equipment, throughout their lifecycle. Services include:

Facility design

Carbon and Energy management

Plus Ever Green helps organization to reduce their environmental impacts and the costs burden of increasing energy prices and climate change legislation. Services include:

Provision of innovative solutions and build competitive advantage of our clients.

Provision of a broad range of technical and non-technical services.

Assistance in identifying the key business risks and opportunities associated with carbon and energy use and develop integrated solutions to manage these.